Machine Ventures’ Leaders Give Career Advice to Job Seekers

Whether you are graduating from college or just got out of a job, we all know that your career path is about to change, and in those moments of “life-decision-making,” sometimes we feel lost. Let’s face it, the world is full of opportunities, time never stops ticking and since we are in the 21st century, technology allows us to grab those options through the tips of our fingers in a matter of seconds. The pressure from family and friends makes it even more difficult to decide what is your “next big step.”

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Activate Machine: Gabe Talks About His Career Impact

“Being a part of something bigger than myself is fulfilling.” (Dimapawi, 2017)

At Machine Ventures, it is important that every employee, also known as Machinists, are continuously growing every day inside the company. Whether it’s a new skill they learned or connections they made during their stay, it’s great to know that people in your team are loving and learning with what they do – which is why in this new blog series called Activate Machine, we’ve asked fellow Machinist Gabe Faustine Dimapawi, Junior Sales Associate in one of our ventures Get.Place to share an experience where the company has strengthened him, or should we say, has activated him.

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How This Atenean Educator Got ‘Schooled’ in the World of Startups

Before instructors can teach others, they too have to learn first. This November, Machine Ventures features one of its pioneer members, Nathania Chua. Nat, as she is fondly called, simultaneously worked for Machine Ventures and HeyKuya from September 2015 to May 2016 — A time when these ventures were just starting.


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Of Stocks and Startups: The Investagrams Founder on his Machine Apprenticeship

Here at Machine, our employees make the company. We deeply value the diversity and uniqueness that each Machinist brings to the workplace. For the month of October, we put the spotlight on John Lapiña, former member of HeyKuya’s Operations team.

Machine Ventures

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Machine Ventures Launches Get.Place

Launched in June 2016, Get.Place is a web and mobile application that matches property seekers to brokers in real time. CEO, Tim Michael, together with company builder, Machine Ventures, had the vision of revolutionizing the real estate market in the Philippines.

Machine Ventures Get.Place Real Estate App

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Machine Ventures Celebrates HeyKuya’s Acquisition

Last April 22, HeyKuya celebrated its acquisition from YesBoss, an SMS-based personal virtual assistant based in Indonesia. HeyKuya, a text-based personal concierge service covering the Metro Manila area, is built and backed by company builder, Machine Ventures.

HeyKuya YesBoss Machine Ventures

Kites Kebab Bar was packed with HeyKuya fans and supporters

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YesBoss Acquires Philippines Startup HeyKuya for Regional Expansion

Metro Manila, March 15, 2016 — Indonesia’s first virtual personal assistant service YesBoss announced today that it has acquired HeyKuya, a Philippines-based personal assistant service, for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition is YesBoss initial move for aggressive regional expansion.

HeyKuya was founded in October 2015, built & backed by Machine Ventures. Since then, it has been providing services ranging from food delivery to travel booking through SMS to over 15,000 users. The team is handling more than 500 requests per day.

Hey Kuya Hey Boss Machine Ventures

(From left to right): Flaminio Bizzotti, Partner at Get.Place, a Machine Ventures company, David Margendorff, Founder and Chairman of PawnHero, Subir Lohani, Partner at HeyKuya and Managing Director of Carmudi Indonesia, Farouk Meralli, Co-Founder of Machine Ventures, Shahab Shabibi, Founder and CEO of HeyKuya, and Yasuhiro Seo of IMJ Investment Partners

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